Coolum Sandal - Apricot

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Perfect for play dates, park hangs or beach trips!

The Coolum sandal is made to withstand any adventure your mini might take them on.

What makes them so great?

- Made from high quality vegan suede leather

- Simple size guide to get a professional fit from home

- Quality shoes, that do good and actually look good!

- Durable yet lightweight

- Mischief resistant!

 Foot health benefits;

- A flexible sole unit to help replicate barefoot movement

- 0º heel raise to place the foot in its natural anatomical position

- Lightweight soles to protect little feet from the harsh external environment

- Sturdy ankle and forefoot straps to secure feet in place

No more;

- Struggles buying correct fitting shoes online

- Poor fitting shoes that cause more harm than good

- Need to pay $100’s to get a professional fitting shoe

- Shoes that don’t last the test of time with toddlers

- Unattractive ‘supportive’ kids shoes

 Our values;

- Designed in Australia by a Podiatrist

- Made under ethical production

- Produced with no nasty chemicals

- Animal cruelty free

Sizing guide;

To accurately measure and fit your child's shoe size please use our printable measuring tool here or alternatively you can order your FREE hard copy here

*All of our shoes are measured in US sizes