Sole Purpose Project

As we're concerned about the amount of waste + landfill that comes with the footwear industry we've created a project that helps us to give back in ways that are meaningful + help to carry positive vibes into other kids lives.

As a part of designing + building this company, it was really important to us that we gave back, reduced + REUSED!

From 15 months old a child's foot grows roughly 1/2 a size EVERY 2-3 months, then from 2-5 years old their feet can grow anywhere between 1/2 size every 3- 4 months! This means that there is a lot of shoes that are too good to be thrown away because they simply no longer fit + we'd hate to think of all of the waste that would create.

What we ask in return...

We ask that once your little one has outgrown their shoes, instead of chucking them out, that you return them to us!

We work closely with a Health Centre in Cape York to donate your shoes to the children of the cape. These kids live in remote indigenous communities located in far north QLD. 

Being a qualified Podiatrist means we're able to properly fit the kids there that are in need of footwear. There are limited opportunities for these kids to get good quality shoes that actually fit. This is important to protect their feet from some of the harsh elements they live in, as well as encouraging good development for years to come. 

Pending the shoes being deemed wearable again by our team, we'd love to say thank you for your huge effort by offering you 20% off your next purchase - that's how much this project means to us!

If you're interested in participating please email us at were we'll provide you with more information!

*Please note an individual 20% discount code will be offered per pair of shoes returned and may only be redeemed individually. Discount codes cannot be combined to increase discount total on next purchase. 

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