How do I pick the right size for my child?

The easiest way of doing this is by measuring the length of your child's foot when standing flat from heel to longest toe (remember this isn't always the big toe). You can also use our handy printable size guide here

Are your shoes best fitted for a narrow or wide foot?

Our shoes are most suitable for a 'normal' to 'wide' fitting foot. All of our shoes are easily adjustable so that they can be tightened or widened as required. All of our shoes are fitted with velcro, lace or zips to make fitting easy. 

What are your shoes made from?

We use zero animal products for the production of our shoes. Instead we opt for the best quality microfibre leathers + microfibre suedes. We choose to stay away from genuine leathers as the production of these cause harm to our planet + animals. Read more about our ethics here.

How do I clean the shoes?

Microfibres are very durable and water resistant which is perfect for any little adventurer out there! If your shoes happen to become dirty the best way to clean them is to lightly brush them with soft bristle brush. You can also lightly spray with water to help lift any stubborn marks. 

Are your shoes easy to get on and off?

Absolutely! We design the shoes to be easily put on and off by children themselves (Yay for Mums + Dads). The zip or velcro fasteners can be easily adjusted by little hands.

Are there nasty chemicals used to make your shoes?

No way! This is a very concerning part of the fashion + footwear world. We ensure that all of our shoes are free from nasty chemicals such as Chromium, Azo dyes + Formaldehydes. All of our shoes are produced under strict EU standards to ensure this doesn't occur. 

Are these shoes ethically made?

Yes we ensure our manufacturer works under ethical + environmental standards to make certain that all workers and the planet are cared for. Regular audits are performed by a third party company to regularly monitor and enforce these practices. See more about our manufacturer here