About Us

Hey there, thanks for stopping in!

We're Denikka (who is the Podiatrist) + Ben (who is better known as Gumnut). It's such a pleasure to meet you!

We created Sole Kids because we appreciate all the places that our feet take us. Honestly, what better way of encouraging adventure than with a great pair of shoes to adventure in! Sole Kids has been a long time dream of Denikka's so that she could allow her creative side to run wild all while combining her love of Podiatry. 

We wanted to create products that ensured all day comfort, that encouraged the natural movement + development of little ones feet. We also wanted our footwear to be simple, gender neutral statement pieces that could be combined with more than one outfit to ensure the best value for money. 

Why choose Sole Kids?

Sole Kids shoes are soft, flexible and support the natural development of little feet. When we say 'support' we don't mean overcompensating with arch support, ankle support and heavy rigid materials. Because we know that this is not what little feet need in order to encourage healthy foot development. 

We use zero animal products to produce our shoes. We take caring for animals + the environment seriously. Our shoes are guaranteed to offer a fuss free fit + wear for busy feet! They really are the perfect combination of durability + comfort.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us, it really means the world when you support our little business.