February 19, 2020

We chat with the legends from Pottery For The Planet

By Denikka Greaves
Pottery for the planet keep cups. Hand made pottery cups

We got the chance to chat with local pottery wizards and fellow environmental warriors from Pottery For The Planet about their company + what it means to run a business that can + does better the world!

How did this project kick off for you?

After years of environmental campaigning together, partners Clare and Renton decided to combine their artistic and activist passions. Renton’s ceramic work, “Coal for Breakfast?” won the major prize in the Queensland Regional Art Awards - The Wayne Kratzmann Award. Recognising the opportunity to make a significant impact with their work, Clare and Renton used the prize money to invest in creating Pottery For The Planet. It was Clare's idea to create beautiful ceramic keep cups, and she encouraged Renton to do it for several years before they finally got started.

How long have you been up + running for now?

The first Pottery For The Planet studio was officially set up in 2015. In 2016 Clare and Renton took their first run of cups to the Woodford Folk Festival. They were such a big hit that they did a second run of cups, and it built from there.

Have you always been involved in this industry + if not than what made you become a part of it?

Renton has always been a potter, learning the trade from his dad. However, it wasn't until after he'd traveled the world that he decided to make a business of it. Their love for art, ceramics and making a positive difference for the environment lead to Clare and Renton becoming so involved in the industry.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement so far as a company?

With the support of our amazing customers, we're saving millions of single-use cups from going into landfill every year. That is incredibly gratifying, but of course, there's more work to do. we're also proud to have 14 team members on the Sunshine Coast, and have recently expanded our operations to New Zealand.

Here at Sole Kids. we’re big believers in looking after our Planet Earth too - what do you guys do to incorporate these values into your company?

Our products are all handmade by our potters with a lot of love and care infused into each unique vessel. All boxes used for packaging are made from recycled cardboard, and wherever possible, all other packaging materials are re-used byproducts from other businesses and consumer waste.We have implemented local initiatives to share, re-use and repurpose packaging. By operating a wholesale model and consistently reassessing transport options, we provide the opportunity for consumers to buy locally and minimise freight packaging and carbon emissions. We also partner with grassroots organisations who are working tirelessly to impact massive change (such as the Australian Marine Conservation Society and #stopadani). Dedicated portions of sales from custom-designed Planet Cups are given directly to the causes and organisations we support.

What's your final word on getting people to start or support similar initiatives like this + why is it important?

The small, daily decisions we make and actions we take will collectively make a huge impact on the Planet (for better or worse). We all need to choose wisely. We're all for everybody doing anything they can, and we've focused on helping society move away from "single-use" mentality, as it's a simple, achievable step that creates massive results.

Check out more of the magic created over at Pottery For The Planet + be sure to add one to your collection! 

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