February 14, 2021

The Things We Love - An Ode To Valentine's Day

By Denikka Greaves
The Things We Love - An Ode To Valentine's Day

We're not ones to get all soppy for Valentine's Day but we thought we'd spread the love and show you what we've been crushing on lately!


Gumnut received this beautiful little EP vinyl record for Christmas by the talented Angus Stone - DOPE LEMON. Honestly what's better than having your Sunday morning coffee listening to the sweet crackle of a record humming in the background. 


We've been obsessed with Asian cuisine for quite some time now. But laksa bowls take the cake for us. Super easy, super quick and super delicious. The perfect mid week meal, and an even better weekend treat to bring out for your friends or family. Easily interchangeable for meat lovers, veggos and pescatarians! 


Dee has been delving into the Dark Emu. This book by Bruce Pascoe argues the history behind the First Nations Peoples agricultural, aquacultural and land management processes in comparison to some of the well known colonial myths. Definitely one to add to the 'must read' list. 


We've been throwing it back to 2010 and watching nothing but 'Offspring'. If you've never watched this or heard of it, I honestly don't think we can be friends! Sorry. All the witty humour and eccentric family drama that will make you think you're family really isn't that bad! 


We've both been a little obsessed with our Will & Bear lids lately. No matter what the occasion by simply adding one of these to your attire you can go to outback explorer or luxe boho in a matter of moments!  

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