August 20, 2020

The Bee Folk

By Denikka Greaves
The Bee Folk

There's something so enchanting about bees, but there's something even more enchanting about Marianni, who uses these beautiful creatures to make sustainable beeswax wraps! We got to delve into the magic behind these creations and how they come to life. 

Hey there! It’s such a pleasure to meet you. Tell us, who are you and who makes up your beautiful business?

Hello! My name is Marianni and Bee Folk is a small family business made up
of myself, my daughter and my husband.


When did you establish Bee Folk and what was the driving force behind it?

I got the idea to do a DIY beeswax wrap kit a few years ago. I really wanted to
stop using single use cling wrap plastic in my own kitchen and I experimented
with different wax, resin and oil blends until I finally came up with a good DIY
wax wrap formula. Friends asked me to make some for them and pretty
soon it was spreading by word of mouth. I realised that there were probably
many people who would like to make their own wax wraps but found it difficult
to source the ingredients and take the time to work out the best blend
combination. So I did a simple website and this has now become a full time
small business for me selling a range of products which are easy to use, well
priced and nicely presented in eco-friendly packaging. Most of my orders are
from eco conscious customers, but I have also had lots of interesting requests
from schools, local council and staff workshops.

We know how important our planet earth is, but enlighten us as to why the bees are so important in maintaining the health of our earth?

Our bee friends are SO vital! They pollinate many of the flowers of the plants
that sustain our natural environment as well as the fruit and vegetables that
feed us. Without bees we face further degradation of our global environment
and insecurity in our future food supply.

How does beeswax work? What’s the process from hive to wax wrap?

Local beekeepers supply us with raw and unprocessed wax which we blend
with natural tree resin, organic coconut oil and jojoba oil to get just the right
mix. When melted and applied to cloth this blend creates a pliable, water
resistant wrap with an enduring natural adhesiveness, antibacterial and
antifungal properties.

As a fellow eco- conscious company, tell us more about what your business does to help protect the earth other than reducing the amount of single use plastics?

Bee folk as far as possible uses recycled materials and components
throughout the production process. My workshop is on our small rural block
with a solar installation for our energy needs. We have permaculture kitchen
gardens that give us much of our food supply. Rainforest regeneration along
the watercourse and our flower gardens provide habitat for many native
insects, birds and animals. We have our first native bee hive up and running
and have a top bar honey bee hive waiting for its first swarm of bees this

We saw your recent collab with Arnhem clothing using their fabric off cuts to produce wax wraps. Do you think there is a huge opening for this in the future of retail and fashion?

Yes absolutely! The fashion industry really needs to step up and be
accountable for their waste. Arnhem is such a trail blazer in green fashion and
I feel really privileged to work with a company with such integrity.

Lastly, for people out there who want to make a more conscious effort in reducing waste what eco warrior tips can you give them?

Start with the everyday things. It can feel overwhelming at first, but simply
replacing your plastic clothes pegs with stainless steel or bamboo ones when
they break, or making the swap from a conventional toothbrush to a
biodegradable one have a significant impact on our planet. All the little
changes add up to a big shift as we become more eco-conscious as a
collective. Before you purchase something, pause and ask yourself the question "Is this made from natural fibres?" And if not to follow it with the inquiry "Is it made
to last a lifetime?" or "Can I find a more earth gentle alternative?" is a simple
yet very effective and empowering process that enables us to really think
about our responsibility as not only consumers but earth keepers.

Keep up with all the beautiful work the Bee Folk are doing via their instagram or their website 

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