April 22, 2020

It's Fashion Revolution Week!

By Denikka Greaves
It's Fashion Revolution Week!

Here's what we do to ensure a more sustainable future for the both of us!


We use NO poly in our shipping, packaging or postage.
We use reusable cotton bags for storage + packaging.
We only use comPOST- able bags for postage.
Even our sticky tape is compostable!

Microfibre leathers + suedes 

This is our biggest attribute. We choose against using genuine leather products because of the awful exposure that humans have in tanneries to chemicals where they alter the naturally biodegradable leathers to a non- biodegradable state.
We also believe strongly in using non- leather products to reduce the amount of animal cruelty that is involved in sourcing genuine cow leathers. 

Reduce landfill 

We only order small allocations of material.
We don't do fast fashion which means we don't have a large turn over of different fabrics or designs.
Material off- cuts go back into being used for sample products.

Sole Purpose Project 

We run a project that entails our customers returning their pre- loved or outgrown Sole Kids shoe back to us, we then donate them on to children of the Cape in Far north Queensland, Australia.

We work closely with a Podiatrist and a health care centre that outreaches to these remote communities. These guys ensure that the shoes are delivered and fitted to those children in desperate need of good footwear.  

Not only does this help kids in need, but it means we help to reduce the amount of shoes that are just thrown into landfill because they simply no longer fit. What a waste! 

Read more about the Sole Purpose Project.

We're definitely not perfect and there's always improvements to be made but we hope you can all appreciate a little more how we ensure a more sustainable and transparent fashion world. 

Sole Kids. x 

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