November 21, 2019

It's COOL to be conscious this Christmas

By Denikka Greaves
It's COOL to be conscious this Christmas

It's that time again! When everyone goes a little crazy over the man in red rolling in. It's a beautiful time to celebrate with friends + family but it's also a great time to show your love for them by not splashing out on single use items or cheap and nasty products that harm our planet + people. 

There are SO many beautiful small business' that work hard to ensure that their products are well designed, long lasting + don't cost the earth!

Here's our Sole Kids tips + tricks to avoid waste this Xmas;

  • Look for items that aren't packaged in single use plastics
  • Create your own cards + wrapping papers - try using old fabrics or newspapers 
  • Give an experience rather than an item - this could be horse back riding, winery voucher, cheese making class etc (who doesn't love cheese + wine!?)
  • Bake or make yourself - get the pots + pans out + make something that will fill the tummy + the soul
  • Purchase art. It's such a good investment + it brightens peoples homes. What more could you want?











Here's some of our favourites business' that create beautiful products + help the planet out along the way! 

We hope this gives you some fresh ideas!

Merry Christmas you beautiful soles x

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